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Envirolab Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company that has over 25 years of specializing in supplying comprehensively high quality laboratory types of equipment, consumables, chemicals, calibration, and repair services.

With our scientific knowledge and experiences, we are able to meet your laboratory requirements. We assure to provide good quality scientific solutions to both laboratory and industrial sectors. We thrive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We represent a number of well-known high quality and reliable laboratory types of equipment including TFA (Germany) Thermohygrometer, Atago (JAPAN) Refractometer, OHAUS (USA) Water analysis, EZDO (TAIWAN) pH Meter, CENTER (TAIWAN) Thermometer, YIHDER (TAIWAN) Laboratory Shaker, TOKI SANGYO (JAPAN) Viscometer, HANNA (USA) pH meter, A&D (JAPAN) Balance, Memmert (Germany), Brandon (Malaysia) Petri Dish, Westlab Chemicals, Merck Chemicals, QREC Chemicals, System Chemicals, and Safety.

Our major customers are in Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Water Analysis, Rubber Glove, Pharmaceutical, and Agriculture Industries. When are you looking for the right laboratory types of equipment, we will be pleased to assist you. It is crucial to get the equipment that fulfills your requirements in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, selectivity, operation as well as applications.
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